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Russians hit pyrotechnics warehouse in Kharkiv, setting off explosion

German Foreign Minister visits Kharkiv

Death toll rises in Kharkiv following attack

Russians strike Kharkiv again: casualties reported

Series of explosions in Kharkiv

Russia attacks infrastructure target in Kharkiv

Russians launch missile attack on Kharkiv

Kharkiv Oblast State Administration building destroyed by Russian missiles is mothballed

Russians strike Kharkiv Oblast

Russians attack Kharkiv

Enormous infrastructure damage in Kharkiv after Russia’s attack

Kharkiv completely without electricity because of Russian attacks

Russia attacks infrastructure facilities of Kharkiv

Security Service of Ukraine conducts searches in Moscow-linked Ukrainian churches in Kharkiv

Power restored in 70% of Kharkiv and Kharkiv Oblast

Kharkiv loses power

No power in Kharkiv and Kharkiv Oblast at least until next morning

Russia attacks critical infrastructure in Kharkiv; power cuts in part of Lviv

Missile strike in Kharkiv causes no casualties, but there are wounded in Oblast

Russians attack Kharkiv

Russian invaders fired on Kharkiv: 3 strikes reported in Kyivskyi district

Russia hits Kharkiv’s critical infrastructure, leading to power outages and water supply disruptions

"We will find everyone": Russian spy caught in Kharkiv

Repeated missile attack on Kharkiv: 3 people injured

Russia conducts several strikes on Kharkiv, with reports of casualties and damage

Russia destroys warehouses with humanitarian aid during morning attack on Kharkiv

Two series of explosions ring out in Kharkiv in five minutes

Power outages in Kharkiv, metro traffic halted

Russian troops attack Kharkiv with rockets

Russia attacks Kharkiv, city suffers partial blackouts