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Kharkiv under Russian attack

24 February 2022 reconstructed. Episode 5. Chernihiv and Kharkiv on day one of the Russian invasion

This article recounts how Ukrainian troops, far outnumbered by the Russian occupation forces, managed to hold the cities of Chernihiv and Kharkiv and the Donbas front, yet the Ukrainian defences in southern Ukraine crumbled under what appeared to be very similar circumstances.

Russians attack Kharkiv: issues with electricity reported, woman injured

Russians strike outskirts of Kharkiv, civilian injured

Missile attack on Kharkiv: Almost 100 buildings damaged in total

Russian attack on Kharkiv: search and rescue operation completed

Attack on Kharkiv: number of injured rises to 30

Attack on Kharkiv: Woman dies, following her deceased 10-year-old grandson

Attack on Kharkiv: 10-year-old boy pulled from under rubble

Russians attack Kharkiv again, causing injuries

Zelenskyy holds meetings with Kharkiv Oblast officials

Russians attack Kherson and Kharkiv: wounded reported

Ukraine's first underground school to be built in Kharkiv

Russians hit Kharkiv with missiles three times

Explosions heard in Kharkiv once again – Mayor

At least six strikes observed in Kharkiv

Russians strikes Kharkiv city centre with missiles – Kharkiv Mayor

Attack on Kharkiv overnight: Russian forces hit civilian facility; fire breaks out

Russians strike Kharkiv

Russians attack Kharkiv with Iskander missiles, injuring 5 people

Explosions rock Kharkiv

Some children in Kharkiv to attend school in metro

Russians attack three districts in Kharkiv Oblast, air defence systems responding

Shahed drones detected near Kharkiv, air defence responding

Man steps on Russian butterfly landmine near Kharkiv

Kharkiv under Russian fire

Russian forces hit village in Kharkiv Oblast, killing woman

Russian drone attacks student accommodation in Kharkiv destroying 2 floors

Shahed drones attack Kharkiv, wounding man

Explosions rock Kharkiv