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Russian Shaheds hit Kharkiv, causing fire

Ukrainian Armed Forces explain if another Russian offensive on Kharkiv is possible: No threat from north for now

Death toll of 23 January attack on Kharkiv rises to 11 people

Ukraine's Security Service arrests 18-year-old hacker who targeted Ukrainian government sites – video

Kharkiv mourns for those killed in Russian missile attacks

Series of explosions rock Kharkiv, presumably coming from outside city

Death toll in Kharkiv rises to 10: 2 more bodies found under rubble

Firefighters deal with aftermath of evening Russian strikes on Kharkiv – photo

Media shows posts of aftermath of Russian evening attack on Kharkiv – photo

Russians hit Kharkiv for third time in one day, civilians injured – video

Number of fatalities in Kharkiv attack rises to 8, including a 8-year old girl – video

Russian blogger who called for survivors in Kharkiv to be "finished off" is served with notice of suspicion

Russian attack on Kharkiv injures children, damages gas pipeline and destroys school – video, photo

Russians attack Kharkiv Oblast with 4 S300/400 anti-aircraft missiles at night – General Staff

Russians attack Kharkiv

Russians strike Kharkiv with two missiles, injuring 17 people

Russian missile attack on Kharkiv: Turkish and Georgian citizens injured – photo

Rescue workers share photos of effects of Russian missile strike on Kharkiv – photo

Kharkiv missile strike: Turkish journalists among 11 casualties – photo

Russians strike children's camp in Kharkiv at night – photo

Russians damage medical centre at children's holiday camp in Kharkiv

Russians attack Kharkiv

Death toll after Russian attack on Kyiv on 2 January rises in Kyiv and Kharkiv

Russians hit industrial facilities in Kharkiv and private home in Zmiiv, causing casualties – video

Russians hit Kharkiv and oblast with missiles

Missile used by Russia to hit Kharkiv may originate from North Korea – photo, video

Russians target Kharkiv Oblast with missiles

Russians hit Kharkiv Oblast with foreign-made missiles

Ukrainian authorities deny reports of new Russian offensive in Kharkiv Oblast but do not rule out attacks on power system

Number of casualties in 2 January attack on Kharkiv increases, elderly woman dies in hospital