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Russian forces attack Kharkiv: city hit with 6 missiles

Zelenskyy arrives in Kharkiv unannounced: presents the "Hero City" award

Russian artillery observer will serve 15 years in prison

Explosion ring out in Kharkiv, boarding house damaged

Russian soldier caught in Kharkiv Oblast hiding in abandoned buildings

Zelenskyy gives latest updates on power outages in Kharkiv, Zhytomyr and Zaporizhzhia

More than half a million consumers without electricity in Kharkiv Oblast

Kharkiv without electricity, heating and water after Russians launch 11 missiles

Russians perform 15 strikes on Kharkiv and oblast

Azov veterans, ultras and Kharkiv volunteers received weapons from Defence Intelligence caches before Russian invasion

Kharkiv National Police prevents Redan Group riots: looking for organisers now

More than 5,000 houses destroyed in Kharkiv

Missile strikes in Kharkiv: 2 people injured

Russians strike Kharkiv with S-300 missiles, all to shelter – Oblast Military Administration

Russians attack border city of Vovchansk second time in a day, one killed

Man injured in attacks on Kharkiv

Russians strikes Kharkiv after launching attacks

Explosions rock Kharkiv and Khmelnytskyi, air defence activated in Kyiv city, Poltava Oblast and west of Ukraine

Air-raid sirens sounded in a few oblasts. About 10 explosions rocked Kharkiv

Russians hit Kharkiv's Central Park

Russian forces attack Kharkiv, hitting the city centre

Russian morning attack on Kharkiv causes serious damage to one of universities

Russian forces attack Kharkiv, striking the city centre

People return to Kharkiv: population over 1 million now

Russian missile hits residential building in Kharkiv killing a woman

French businesspeople send over 180 generators to Kharkiv

Helicopter that crashed in Brovary was on way to Kharkiv

Russian missiles attack Kharkiv, hitting civilian facilities

Rockets of Russian Smerch MLRS cause "fireworks" in Kharkiv

Russians hit pyrotechnics warehouse in Kharkiv, setting off explosion