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General Staff

Ukrainian soldiers repel attacks near Verbove and Synkivka – General Staff report

Russians targeted civilian infrastructure and military facilities in its night attack – General Staff report

Russians conduct most attacks on Avdiivka front – General Staff

Russia has conducted 465 chemical attacks since full-scale war started, trend is growing

80 combat engagements took place on 26 December – General Staff

Russians attempt 14 attacks on Dnipro's left bank – General Staff

Almost hundred combat engagements take place over past day – General Staff

Ukraine's General Staff denies over 100 Ukrainian soldiers were killed on Avdiivka front

Ukrainian forces repel 32 Russian assaults on Avdiivka front – General Staff report

Ukrainian defenders repel Russian attacks on 7 fronts – General Staff

Russians increase number of artillery attacks – General Staff report

Russian forces try to drive Ukrainian forces out of their footholds on Dnipro's left bank in Kherson Oblast – General Staff report

Russians increase intensity of aircraft and FPV-drone use at front line – General Staff report

Ukrainians expand bridgehead in Kherson Oblast and repel Russian attacks on several fronts – General Staff report

24 out of 28 drones shot down over Ukraine overnight – photo

Ukraine's Armed Forces kill 1,080 Russian personnel and destroy 20 artillery systems in one day

Defence Forces repel over 30 Russian attacks on left bank of Kherson Oblast – General Staff

Russians continue attempts to drive Ukrainian Armed Forces from eastern bank of Dnipro River: 29 attacks occurred – General Staff

Russia loses 890 soldiers, 16 tanks and 23 armoured combat vehicles over past 24 hours

Russians try to storm Ukrainian position in left-bank Kherson Oblast – General Staff

Russians attempted to assault Dnipro River's eastern bank 8 times, but were repelled – General Staff

Russians attack on 6 fronts – General Staff

92 combat clashes take place at front over last day, most of them on Avdiivka front – General Staff

General Staff officially announces found bugs in Commander-in-Chief's office

Russia losses another 1,000 soldiers, 60 armoured combat vehicles, 44 tanks and 38 artillery systems

Ukrainian forces on defensive in most areas, hold positions in Kherson Oblast – General Staff

25 Russian attacks were repelled on Avdiivka front on 17 December – General Staff

Total of 89 skirmishes occur on battlefield over past 24 hours, Russians advance on six fronts – General Staff

Russian forces carry out most assaults on Avdiivka front – General Staff report

Russians launch 31 drones on Ukraine at night