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General Staff

Ukraine's General Staff issues statement regarding Il-76 crash

Russia conducts 81 airstrikes over past day and tries assaulting left bank of Dnipro River – General Staff

General Staff specifies number of missiles Russia fired at Ukraine this morning

Russians attack Kharkiv Oblast with 4 S300/400 anti-aircraft missiles at night – General Staff

Total of 53 skirmishes occur on front over past 24 hours, Russians attempt to advance on Dnipro's left bank

Russians were most active in Avdiivka front – General Staff

Russians mostly attacked on Avdiivka front on 21 January – General Staff report

Russian forces undertook most assaults on Kupiansk front on 20 January – General Staff report

Ukrainian forces repelled largest number of Russian assaults on Kupiansk front on 20 January – General Staff report

Ukrainian forces killed 750 Russian soldiers and destroyed 4 tanks on 19 January

Ukraine's air defence disables 4 out of 7 Russian Shahed drones overnight

Ukrainian forces repelled over 30 Russian assaults on Avdiivka front – General Staff report

Russians actively use aircraft and quadcopters, conducts assault actions – General Staff report

127 combat clashes occurred between Russians and Ukrainian defenders yesterday – General Staff

Over 100 combat clashes recorded at front line, most on Avdiivka front – General Staff

Russia attacks most actively on Avdiivka front where 27 assaults occurred – General Staff

Russians attack on most fronts, try to breach Ukrainian defence

Russians intensify attacks on Lyman and Avdiivka fronts where Ukrainian defenders repel 63 attacks – General Staff

Ukrainian and Russian forces clash 85 times in one day, with majority of Russian attacks occurring on Avdiivka front – General Staff report

Russians are most active on Lyman and Avdiivka front – General Staff

Over 80 combat clashes recorded on front line in past day, situation is complicated – General Staff report

Russia attacks most actively on Avdiivka and Mariinka fronts – General Staff

86 combat clashes take place at contact line, most of them in three fronts – General Staff

General Staff announce Russian losses in past day: 33 combat vehicles, 19 artillery systems and 10 tanks

Total of 61 combat clashes occur over past day, Ukrainian Air Force attacks 11 times – General Staff

Largest number of attacks repelled in Marinka and Avdiivka fronts on Saturday

Russians desperately try to advance on Marinka front – General Staff

Ukraine's Rocket Forces hit 12 Russian targets in last 24 hours – General Staff

Ukrainian defenders kill 840 Russian soldiers and destroy 10 tanks and air defence system

Russians continue their attacks on 7 fronts where Ukrainian defenders restrain them − General Staff