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General Staff

Russian troops make 20 attempts to break through Ukrainian defences on Marinka front

50 combat clashes over last day, most attacks on Marinka front – General Staff report

Defence Forces repel Russian attacks near Lastochkyne on Avdiivka front – General Staff

Russians intensify operations on Marinka and Kherson fronts – General Staff report

Russians actively assault Ukrainian positions on left bank in Kherson Oblast – General Staff

Ukrainian forces destroy 53 Russian armoured vehicles, 40 artillery systems and kill over 1,000 Russian soldiers on 17 February

Russian forces launch 104 airstrikes over past 24 hours – General Staff

Russian forces attempt to break through Ukrainian defence on Marinka front 21 times – General Staff

Defenders kill over 1,000 Russian invaders and destroy 11 tanks

Total of 90 combat clashes occur over past 24 hours at front – General Staff report

70 combat clashes in combat zone within 24 hours, Russians attempt to occupy Avdiivka – General Staff

Russians mount intensive attacks near Avdiivka, 28 combat clashes occurred during day – General Staff report

Russians continue to storm Avdiivka with aviation support – General Staff report

Ukrainian defenders repel 34 Russian attacks near Avdiivka in one day – General Staff report

Russia losses more than 1,000 soldiers, 39 armoured vehicles and 66 artillery systems at contact zone

Russians attack on 6 fronts, 71 clashes during day – General Staff

Russian forces launch 10 attacks on Avdiivka and attempt to advance on Marinka front 11 times – General Staff

Ukrainian and Russian forces clash 84 times, mostly on Marinka front

Russian forces carry out 71 airstrikes over past day – General Staff report

Russians intensify attacks on Marinka front, 100 combat clashes occur – General Staff report

Nearly 100 combat clashes on frontline in one day, most of them on three fronts – General Staff

Russian and Ukrainian forces clash 98 times, Russian forces mount pressure on Avdiivka – General Staff report

Ukraine's new Commander-in-Chief on his deputies: They have expertise and experience to fast-track victory

Russian forces mount pressure on Avdiivka and Marinka fronts – General Staff report

Russian and Ukrainian forces clashed 111 times over past day – General Staff report

Zelenskyy appoints Major General Anatolii Barhylevych as Chief of General Staff

91 combat clashes recorded at front line, Russians try to break through near Avdiivka – General Staff report

Ukraine's Defence Minister introduces new commander-in-chief to General Staff and thanks Zaluzhnyi

President decides on new Commander of Ground Forces and Chief of General Staff

New Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces of Ukraine about tasks he faces in new position