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Lviv Oblast

Russian nighttime attack: fires break out at power facilities in Lviv, Odesa and Zaporizhzhia oblasts – photo

Ukraine's air defence responds in Lviv Oblast

Debris of Russian attack drone damage infrastructure facility in Lviv Oblast

Russia attacks Lviv Oblast with drones, Ukrainian air defence responds to it

Russian missile strike on Lviv Oblast infrastructure facility: death toll rises

Russia attacks infrastructure facility in Lviv Oblast, targeted on 24 and 29 March, killing 1 man

Russian Federation attacks Lviv Oblast with Kinzhal missiles at night: critical infrastructure facility damaged

Air defence responds in Lviv Oblast and explosions heard in Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Fire at facility hit by Russians in Lviv Oblast took whole day to put out

Russian forces hit Lviv Oblast with Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles

Russian overnight attack on Ukraine: fire in Lviv Oblast, thousands left without heating in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Russian forces target Lviv Oblast with 20 missiles and 7 Shahed UAVs – Lviv mayor

Russian attack on Ukraine: critical infrastructure hit in Vinnytsia Oblast and Lviv Oblast

Ukraine's Parliament to rename more cities as derussification continues

Russian missiles destroy power substation in Lviv, infrastructure damaged in Zaporizhzhia and Dnipro

Wreckage of undetonated missile found in Lviv Oblast – photo

Russian missile damages industrial facility in Lviv Oblast

Explosions in Cherkasy Oblast, Kharkiv, and Lviv Oblast’s Drohobych; missiles manoeuvring in Ukraine's west

Prosecutor General's Office to request arrest and US$13 million bail for son of businessman involved in MoD procurement case

Air defence systems and mobile firing groups respond to attack drones in Lviv Oblast – photo

Lviv Oblast bombarded with over 10 attack drones, there are strikes

Air defence responds in Lviv Oblast

Russian forces attack infrastructure facility in Lviv Oblast with 3 drones, causing damage

Former National Guard unit commander suspected of causing US$700,000 in losses

16 Russian attack drones reach Lviv Oblast

Russian morning attack: Hotel destroyed in Cherkasy and strikes in Lviv and Rivne oblasts

Overnight Russian Shahed attack on Lviv Oblast: 3 strikes, fires still being put out

Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief appoints Hero of Ukraine as chief military commissar of Lviv Oblast

Lviv Oblast missile strike: number of casualties rises

Attack on Lviv Oblast: 15 wounded and 40 houses damaged